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Explore the Possibilities

A TORLYS Smart Floor can transform any room and inspire its surroundings without compromising your values or budget. No matter the style, every TORLYS floor was created with superior craftsmanship, ingenuity and sustainable practices. We have perfected the process. Top designers have selected the colours and styles. We have created truly beautiful and eco-friendly floors that will stay beautiful for years to come.

We have one of the most diverse and unique flooring collections in the industry—hardwood,solid timber, laminate, leather and cork. All beautiful, all durable. Explore our floors and your imagination now.

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TORLYS Hardwood/Select Strip

TORLYS Nailed It!

Float It, Nail It, Glue It!

Hardwood perfected for a variety of installations. Built with builders in mind.

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TORLYS SuperSolid

Impressive. Contemporary. Hardwood

Designer looks. Exquisite craftmanship


CorkWood Cover 003
Cork & CorkWood


Finally The Floor That Has It All. The Beauty of Wood, Durability of Laminate and the Comfort of Cork.


evertile res landing
EverWood & EverTile

TORLYS Smart EverWood and EverTile

Your ultimate flooring. Beautiful. Durable. Waterproof floors.

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Park Lane

Park Lane Laminate

The Park Lane collection creates a look of classic, time honoured hard woods, perfectly capturing their rich texture, beauty and charm. Warm Oak, Walnut, Teak, Maple, Redwood and Sunrise Koa.



TORLYS Accessories

Complete and maintain your TORLYS smart floor.