TORLYS Warranty

Not all warranties are created equal. If you have cared for your TORLYS floor according to these instructions and your floor doesn't live up to standards  covered in the warranty, TORLYS offers full replacement cost, including professional installation, providing the original TORLYS floor was installed by an authorized TORLYS retailer.

All TORLYS Smart Floors are covered by a Lifetime Structural and Joint Integrity Warranty.

The TORLYS Hardwood, Cork and Leather products are covered by a 25-35 year Residential Wear Warranty and a 5-7 year Limited Commercial Warranty depending on the product category (Premier, Elite or Designer).

TORLYS Laminate floors have a product range that is covered by 2 warranty standards as follows:   A 30-35 year Residential Wear, Fade, Stain and Water Warranty for the Designer Category and a 25 year Residential Wear, Fade and Stain Warranty for the Premier range. A 5-7 year Limited Warranty applies to commercial Laminate applications, depending on the product category.

It is recommended that you use only TORLYS Maintenance Products on your TORLYS Floor. The use of TORLYS Dressing, as recommended, is mandatory to maintain the wear warranty on TORLYS Cork floors.

Re-use your TORLYS floor up to 3 times under warranty

Your TORLYS Floor will last for years with proper care. But if you decide to redecorate or move, simply unclick your floor, lift it, and reinstall it in another space. Your floor can be moved up to three times under warranty.