TORLYS Corkwood

Imagine having a product that looks like wood but has the comfort, warmth and acoustic qualities of cork. Look no further Torlys has it all.
Designer and Elite ranges.
TORLYS EverWood & EverTile Collection

With EverWood and EverTile, the beautiful floor you see now is exactly what you will enjoy for years to come. For the home it is elegant and contemporary, with remarkable long-life durability that will accommodate even the high-traffic needs of commercial spaces like hotels or restaurants. EverWood and EverTile are the ultimate in fashion and performance.
TORLYS Laminate Collection

Choosing a floor that fits your very busy life just got easier. TORLYS laminate flooring is not only stunning, but exceptionally strong. Hardwearing surfaces mean you can worry less about what life throws at you and more time admiring it. Choose from six designer collections that will look amazing for decades.
TORLYS Hardwood Collection

The brilliant looks of a TORLYS Smart Hardwood floor is only matched by its intelligent design. A new TORLYS hardwood floor not only captures the beauty of natural wood, it’s also gap, cup and dent resistant. Plus, it’s a responsible decision you can feel great about because your floor was created with minimal environmental impact.
TORLYS Cork Collection

Cork floors are exceptionally beautiful, naturally comfortable and remarkably warm. And TORLYS is the leader in cork flooring. Our styles feature on-trend colours, thicker and first-ever, extra-long planks. Our new, extremely durable smart finish is integrated into TORLYS Cork, making it 50% more durable than past finishes. Best of all, it’s sustainable, making it a responsible choice.
TORLYS Leather Collection

The feel. The look. The allure. Create a truly unique and enjoyable flooring experience with TORLYS Leather. Made with 100% recycled leather, TORLYS Leather is an adventurous, sophisticated choice that will ignite the senses as well as the imagination. It’s time to express your bold sense of style. Available in luxurious planks or sophisticated tile.
TORLYS SuperSolid Collection

Our SuperSolid Timber Range, comes in 5", 6" & 7" width planks, with designer looks and exquisite craftmanship.
TORLYS Everwood Designer Collection

The ultimate in waterproof flooring. The wood look in extra long and wide planks whilst having the comfort, warmth and acoustic qualities in your open plan home.

Superior Flooring For NZ

Torlys New Zealand, are one of the biggest hard flooring distributors, who are committed to supplying high end floors that are created with superior craftmanship, imagination & sustainable practices, but not at the expense of the environment.

Explore our floors and your imagination now, Torlys are specialists in natural wood timber floors, laminates, Portugal recycled cork and corkwood, leather and waterproof vinyl plank floors with the uniclic® joint. All beautiful, all durable, Top Designers have selected the colours and style.

Torlys flooring is celebrating 30 years of supplying superior quality laminates, cork, corkwood, timber, leather and waterproof flooring to the commercial, builder and residential markets.

We have the biggest selection of flooring, made for New Zealand homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, that will last the test of time.

Eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices are utilised to minimise the impact on our environment.