EcoCare Cleaning Kits & Accessories

Clean your TORLYS Smart Floors and SuperSolid Hardwood by TORLYS Floors with our EcoCare Cleaning Kit. Our cleaning solution is biodegradable, pH-neutral, without VOCs, and fragrance-free. If you notice any build-up on your floors, simply clean them as required with this easy-to-use maintenance kit.

TORLYS EcoCare Kit

Our complete all-in-one floor maintenance kit for TORLYS flooring.

Kit includes:

  • Telescopic handle and mop head
  • One mop cover for damp cleaning
  • One 700mL Ready-To-Use EcoCare Cleaner, a specially formulated floor cleaner solution for all TORLYS floors

Replaceable Mop Cover

One machine-washable mop cover replacement