What is the Uniclic?2018-03-03T13:17:38+13:00

The Uniclic® Joint is a patented joint guaranteed to resist gapping, warping and cupping. (Some floating floors promote their joint systems, but if it doesn’t say Uniclic® it’s not the same.) The patented Uniclic® joint is integral to TORLYS flooring. During installation it doesn’t require messy glues or chemicals, or nails of any kind. Uniclic® creates a remarkably stable and gap resistant floor, and because the joint process is reversible, the floor can be re-used up to 3 times under warranty.

What makes TORLYS Laminate floors different than other floors?2018-03-03T13:19:01+13:00


  1. It’s Eco-engineered.  Like all TORLYS Smart Floors, a unique eco-engineering production process ensures an environmentally friendly floor. TORLYS Laminate Floors are made in Europe and North America.  It’s North American produced Laminate floors contain no less than 74% recycled and fast growing softwood from managed forests for its state-of-the-art, high density Smart Core.
  2. No harmful VOCs.  TORLYS Laminate Floors help you create a healthier home as they contain no harmful VOC emissions, no added formaldehyde and exceed California Indoor Air Quality Standards, which are amongst the most stringent in the world.


What makes TORLYS Hardwood different from other hardwood floors?2018-03-03T13:19:49+13:00

TORLYS Hardwood is engineered hardwood taken to another level. It is the pinnacle of environmentally-friendly innovation, a “smart” hardwood that optimises our natural resources. Using modern technology, TORLYS is able to produce 30 times more flooring per tree than conventional hardwood flooring. Gap-resistance is ensured with the Uniclic joint and dent resistance is maximised with a high-density Smart Core.

What makes TORLYS Cork different from other cork floors?2018-03-03T13:20:48+13:00

TORLYS Cork is cork flooring taken to another level. TORLYS has a wide selection of designer-inspired styles and colours to help you create stunning yet durable floor surfaces. Gap-resistance is ensured with the Uniclic joint, and dent resistance is maximised with a high-density wood core.

What makes TORLYS Leather different from other floors?2018-03-03T13:21:21+13:00


  1. Environmentally friendly production:  Using 100% recycled leather is a natural way to ensure a cycle of material re-use. Where leather that would otherwise be wasted is used to create exceptional, hard wearing flooring.
  2. TORLYS Leather Floors help you create a healthier home as they contain no harmful VOC emissions, no added formaldehyde and exceed California Indoor Air Quality Standards, which are amongst the most stringent in the world.


Should some color and shade variation be expected on the TORLYS Cork and Hardwood floors?2018-03-03T13:22:10+13:00

Yes, some colour and shade variation should be expected because cork and hardwood are natural materials, no two tiles or planks are alike, this adds to its beauty. Always work from several boxes at the same time and shuffle planks or tiles for best visual appearance.

What type of surfaces can TORLYS flooring be installed over?2018-03-03T13:22:43+13:00

TORLYS flooring can be installed over most existing, glue-down or nail-down, sound, dry, flat, Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl, Lino, Ceramic, Rubber, Plywood, Cork floors. As well as standard concrete and chipboard subfloors.

Do I have to remove existing skirting boards or kitchen toe kicks?2018-03-03T13:23:20+13:00

No – TORLYS installation technology eliminates the need to remove these. This means less hassle with getting builders, painters and kitchen installers back after the flooring has been installed. This also means less risk of damage to your new floor.

How can I repair a floor damaged after the installation?2018-03-03T13:23:48+13:00

In case of minor scratches and gouges, use TORLYS Mix & Fix. Boards or tiles that cannot be repaired are easily removed and replaced using the TORLYS Bulldog tool.

Why choose Laminate flooring?2018-03-03T13:24:18+13:00

TORLYS Laminate is easy to install, easy to maintain, and offers exceptional value for money. Laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colours.

Can a TORLYS Laminate Floor be installed in a bathroom?2018-03-03T13:24:46+13:00


Yes, with the use of TORLYS Silicone Sealant. The perimeter of the room must be sealed to have full warranty.  Please check if your local council has any additional requirements.


How flat must a sub-floor be for the installation of TORLYS flooring?2018-03-03T13:25:17+13:00

The sub-floor should be level to 4.8mm in 3m. It must also be structurally sound and dry.

Can TORLYS flooring be installed over radiant heat?2018-03-03T13:25:52+13:00

Yes. Check with the radiant heat manufacturer for details.

If I install TORLYS floors myself, will I be backed by the minimum 25 year Wear warranty?2018-03-03T13:26:27+13:00


The answer is a simple YES!


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