TORLYS Smart Hardwood

Always inspiring. Always beautiful.

The brilliant looks of a TORLYS Smart Hardwood floor is only matched by its intelligent design. A new TORLYS hardwood floor not only captures the beauty of natural wood, it’s also gap, cup and dent resistant. Plus, it’s a responsible decision you can feel great about because your floor was created with minimal environmental impact.

Peace of Mind Assurance, 25 – 35 year limited warranty.

TORLYS Nailed It!

Float It, Glue It!

Hardwood perfected for a variety of installations. Built with builders in mind.

Join the engineered hardwood flooring revolution, All the solid hardwood benefits WITHOUT all of the solid hardwood challenges.

Everything you want in a hardwood floor, gap, cup, warp, dent and crack resistant. Plus, it’s a better use of natural resources as TORLYS can produce 10 times more floors from the same hardwood, while having a quieter, more comfortable and warmer flooring underfoot, due to the natural insulation properties of cork.

Artisan Premier

Artisan Premier hardwood floors are created with the sense of old world charm in mind. Craftsmanship is evident in these floors, offered in lightly distressed looks in beautiful Hickory and Oak.

The Look: Charming character floors in lightly distressed looks. 2mm thick Natural Timber.

The Feel: Beautiful grains that are softly textured in a matte finish.

The Details: 4 sided bevel. CorkPlus™ attached cork underlay with Microban® antimicrobial protection, warmth, acoustic and pure comfort.

Dimensions: 10.7mm (thickness) x 127mm (width) x RL (random lengths) up to 16 pcs/pkt

Box Sizes: 1.829m2 – up to 16 pcs / box

* High Shade Variation

Summit Elite

The TORLYS Summit Elite collection brings the natural feel and beauty of wood to any space but in a trend-forward way.

All Summit Elite hardwood is crafted to capture and emphasize the true essence and beauty of the wood, this collection is truly gorgeous, a natural fit for any space.

The Look: Soft subtle colours and clean lines for a natural looking hardwood floor. 2.5mm thick Natural Timber, Lots of Knots.

The Feel: Smoked Oaks, Smooth Maples and Walnuts with distinct, impressive finishes.

The Details: 4-sided bevel CorkPlus™ attached cork underlay with Microban® antimicrobial protection, added warmth, acoustic and pure comfort.

Dimensions: 12mm (thickness) x 158mm (width) x RL (Random Length)

Box Sizes: 1.735m2 – minimum 6 pcs / box

* High Shade Variation

Summit Premier

Wide planks. Natural colours. Oil finish. TORLYS Summit Premier collection is affordable elegance that will accentuate any décor.

Bring balance to any space with flooring from TORLYS Summit Premier collection. Choose from a variety of natural styles all in a beautiful oil finish and designed to reveal the true essence of the wood. Summit Premier Hardwood is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Certified, to meet strict environmental standards, including wood sourced from sustainablymanaged forests. No matter the décor, you’ll find Summit Premier floors are both attractive and affordable.

The Look: Wide planks in natural, warm colours. 2.5mm thick Natural Timber, smoother feel than urethane finish.

The Feel: Oil finished to accentuate the wood’s natural beauty.

The Details: 4 sided bevel (No Attached Cork Backing)

Dimensions: 13mm (thickness) x 142mm (width) x 1187mm (long)

Box Sizes: 1.01m2 – 6 pcs / box

* High Shade Variation

Everest Designer

Extra long, wide planks enhance the smooth and sophisticated appeal of the Everest Designer Collection. Venture into a world of breathtaking floors in species such as Walnut and Oak.

Welcome to our statement collection. Create drama, suspense and contrast in your space with forward-looking colours and desirable species.

The Look: From dramatic, contrasting grains to soft, muted colours. Subtle finishes enhance natural beauty. Extra wide and long planks. 0.6mm thick Natural Timber, clean timber –  No Knots.

The Feel: Smooth and textured finishes.

The Details: 4 sided bevel CorkPlus® backing with Microban® antimicrobial protection for added warmth, acoustic and pure comfort.

Dimensions: 12mm (thickness) x 166mm (width) x 1810mm (long)

(plank can be used as border for square herringbone pattern)

Box Sizes: 2.10 m2 – 7 pcs / box

Everest Premier

The timeless beauty of wood in a 124mm wide plank and a 1203mm length.

Everest Premier is a classic collection in oak and birch. History, continuity and splendor marry together and form a series that is warm and endearing.

The Look: A classic looking hardwood collection in Oak, Birch and Beech in one length.

The Feel: Smooth and textured finishes.

The Details: 4 sided bevel Cork backing with Microban® antimicrobial protection, added warmth, acoustic and pure comfort.

Dimensions: 10mm (thickness) x 124mm (width) x 1203mm (long)

Box Sizes: 1.343m2 – 9 pcs / box

* High Shade Variation

Everest Twist Hardwood – Herringbone

The classic herringbone pattern is becoming one of the hottest flooring trends on the market. And now, TORLYS offers an innovative Twist on this timeless floor.

TORLYS offers the perfect combination of the latest colours and textures, along with a unique and easy installation solution, creating the perfect pattern to complement your space – either classic or contemporary.

The Look: A classic looking hardwood collection in Oak and Walnut Shades

*High Shade Variation
**The unique herringbone pattern can give the appearance of significant variation between the planks in gloss and colour. This contributes to the overall beauty of this floor.

The Feel: Wirebrushed and lightly textured finishes

The Details: 4 sided bevel, CorkPlus BLUE attached underlay with Microban® antimicrobial product protection, added acoustic and pure comfort.

Dimensions: 12mm (thick)  x 121mm (width) x 595mm (long)

Box Sizes: 0.648m2 – 9 pcs / box

Torlys Everest Twist Pattern Calculator

* High Shade Variation