The Pinnacle of Hardwood.

Explore the TORLYS Everest XP Collections, featuring Everest XP Designer Plus, Everest XP Designer, Everest XP Elite, Everest XP Premier, and Everest XP Twist (Herringbone). TORLYS Everest XP stands out as a revolutionary choice in hardwood flooring, offering superior performance, intelligent design, and heightened sustainability compared to conventional options. This eco-engineered flooring, 100% natural and available in various wood species, presents wider, longer, and cleaner grade planks for an exquisite touch.

Crafted with Xtreme durability, TORLYS Everest XP is a water-resistant flooring solution that surpasses expectations. Its surface XP line not only resists wear and dents but also integrates antimicrobial protection. Standout features include the ability to install it transition-free in rooms up to 15m x 15m, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated look throughout any space.

Whether you desire the timeless allure of hardwood flooring, the practicality of engineered flooring, or the beauty of timber flooring, TORLYS Everest XP Collections offer versatility and eco-consciousness. Elevate your space with the beauty and durability of TORLYS Everest XP, where nature meets innovation, providing a flooring solution that transcends the ordinary.


TORLYS Everest XP Collections