Easy Installation of TORLYS Flooring

Start living on your floor minutes after installing it! Thanks to Uniclic® joint technology, your floor simply clicks together. TORLYS floors are easy to install, easy to repair and easy to reuse! All you have to do to install your floor is: Calculate, Cut and Click!

Flooring Installation

• The only tools you will need to install flooring: hammer, tape measure, saw (any type will cut the floor, from a table saw to a hand saw) and the TORLYS Installation Kit.

• The use of Cork underlay or TORLYS foam underlay (3-in-1, Acoustik or Safe and Sound) is mandatory (optional with TORLYS Cork, Leather, Hardwood-Everest Designer, Everest Elite, Everest Premier, Summit Designer and Summit Elite floors which have a built-in cork backing).

TORLYS Flooring Installation Kit

Tapping Block
Last Board Puller

TORLYS Bulldog Tool

• Install flooring end pieces cut on an angle.
• Replace planks in the center of a room, without cutting into floorboards.
• Close open floor joint gaps.
• Fix sub-floor hollow spots.
• Easer access to underlay.
• Easily check perimeter expansion gaps of your floor.

TORLYS SmartTape

Thanks to the Uniclic® joint and TORLYS Smart Tape technologies TORLYS EverWood & EverTile can be installed more easily than other floating vinyl floors.

Installation against a brick wall, fireplace hearth or a curved surface like a staircase can be an issue with other floating floors because they may shift and move. With TORLYS EverWood & EverTile, the first rows can be anchored in place to stop any
movement, making installation easy.


Installation Videos

Once you’ve chosen your floor, the next step is to make sure you know exactly how much flooring and trim mouldings you need if you plan to install your TORLYS floor.

Our floor installation videos will show you tips, how-tos and preparation steps you should take when installing your TORLYS floor.

Smart Nosing

UNICLIC® Installation Video

EverWood EverTile Floating Floor Installation

EverWood Floating Floor Installation

EverTile Glue Down Installation

TORLYS EverWood Transformation

TWIST Installation

UNIZIP® Installation Guidelines for EverWood Twist

TORLYS Bulldog™ Easy Plank Replacer

Smart Trim – T-Moulding

Smart Trim – Reducer

Smart Trim – Carpet Transition