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Easy Installation of TORLYS Flooring

Start living on your floor minutes after installing it! Thanks to Uniclic® joint technology, your floor simply clicks together. TORLYS floors are easy to install, easy to repair and easy to reuse! All you have to do to install your floor is: Calculate, Cut and Click!

Flooring Installation

• The only tools you will need to install flooring: hammer, tape measure, saw (any type will cut the floor, from a table saw to a hand saw) and the TORLYS Installation Kit.

• The use of Cork underlay or TORLYS foam underlay (3-in-1, Acoustik or Safe and Sound) is mandatory (optional with TORLYS Cork, Leather, Hardwood-Everest Designer, Everest Elite, Everest Premier, Summit Designer and Summit Elite floors which have a built-in cork backing).

TORLYS Flooring Installation Kit

Tapping Block
Last Board Puller

TORLYS Bulldog Tool

• Install flooring end pieces cut on an angle.
• Replace planks in the center of a room, without cutting into floorboards.
• Close open floor joint gaps.
• Fix sub-floor hollow spots.
• Easer access to underlay.
• Easily check perimeter expansion gaps of your floor.

TORLYS SmartTape

Thanks to the Uniclic® joint and TORLYS Smart Tape technologies TORLYS EverWood & EverTile can be installed more easily than other floating vinyl floors.

Installation against a brick wall, fireplace hearth or a curved surface like a staircase can be an issue with other floating floors because they may shift and move. With TORLYS EverWood & EverTile, the first rows can be anchored in place to stop any
movement, making installation easy.