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TORLYS and the Environment

A Core Commitment

TORLYS success flows from a commitment to four brand pillars: Ease, Design, Great Value and Environment. It’s what we call our EDGE. We’ve built our reputation with the environment always at the forefront. For TORLYS, it’s a founding principle.

About LEED® Canada

The LEED® Green Building Rating System is a design guide and rating/certification tool for new construction and major renovations to commercial, institutional and high-rise residential buildings. The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is the implementing body of LEED® in Canada, having licensed and derived the original system from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Our Products: Beautiful, Intelligent and Re-usable

TORLYS products combine aesthetics and a great design, balancing exceptionally attractive flooring with long-term durability and reusability. Reducing environmental impact and offering sustainable alternatives are a key part of product development. It differentiates us as an innovative company, and as a leader on the environmental front and industry-wide.

LEED® Canada Prerequisites and Credits
Prerequisites and Credits (or “points”) are organized into six Categories:

1) Sustainable Sites 3) Water Efficiency 5) Materials and Resources
2) Indoor Environmental Quality 4) Innovation & Design Process

LEED® Categories and Credits

In the LEED rating system, points are awarded for implementing verified design principles in predefined credit descriptions. The use of TORLYS smart floors can directly affect the credits achieved in a LEED designed building. The following chart shows TORLYS relevance (for credits) in key LEED categories:

LEED® Categories and TORLYS Flooring Potential Credits

For New Construction, Commercial Interiors and Existing Buildings.

LEED® Categories Cork TORLYS Flooring
Materials and Resources X X Y*
Indoor Environmental Quality X X

Y* = applied to Existing Buildings only.

TORLYS Flooring and LEED Points for Innovation & Design

Design for Disassembly and Adaptability (DfD/A) (or Design for Deconstruction) is one prime example of a sustainability concept that a LEED team could adopt to try to achieve credits in the Innovation & Design Process category.

This concept recognizes key life cycle changes that a building undergoes and mitigates environmental damage through wise design and material choices. TORLYS Uniclic® products merge well with numerous DfD/A concepts.

For assistance on how TORLYS products can contribute to your LEED project, please contact marketing@torlys.com.