Feels Good In So Many Ways.

RigidTile™ Firm is a 5-layer continuous press construction that offers all of the benefits of a TORLYS Smart Floors in an SPC Vinyl. RigidTile™ Firm Premier has 5 designs in beautiful matte finishes; a perfect alternative to porcelain or stone tile.

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Water Resistance

Sealed edges for an increased water resistance. See full warranty details for this product.



Warm to the touch with the cork top layer and CorkPlus™ attached cork underlay.



State-of-the-art direct print technology, that allows the CorkWood to perform like a laminate, creating a wear layer equivalent of an AC4 rating.



Cork and CorkWood have very good acoustic ratings on their own, combined with the CorkPlus™ attached underlay, this diffuses noise in rooms above and below.


Dent Resistant

TORLYS High-density smart core and compressed cork top layer, ensuring it will perform for years.


Easy to Maintain

Spills and messes are easily wiped up with a cloth. To eliminate grime and grit, clean weekly by simply using a broom or vacuum (bristles down) and then when required use our Torlys Natural Glow Eco-friendly Cleaning Kit.Refer to Torlys Maintenance Guide for full details on caring for your floor and keeping the appearance of your floor like new.

Where does it go? Everywhere.

Perfect flooring for all seasonal spaces including cottages and sunrooms.*

– Remarkable dimension stability that will withstand temperature swings from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C).
– No peaking, no gapping and no cupping – guaranteed!
– Install directly over other hard surfaces with minimal subfloor preparation.
– Transition Free up to 70’x70’ (21m x 21m) and can be fixed/floated on the same floor.*
• Realistic grout lines color coordinated to the stunning tile patterns.
• TORLYS FoamPlus™ Blue attached underlay has built-in 24/7 protection against mold and odor causing bacteria, extending the lifetime of the floor.
• Complete with TORLYS Maxx Finish featuring 24/7 protection against stain and odor causing bacteria for a 99% cleaner floor.
*Please refer to installation instructions for complete details.

RigidTile Premier


The Look: Realistic tile with colour coordinated grout lines and stunning tile patterns.


The Plank Details

  • 100% Waterproof Product
  • The perfect floor for all seasonal spaces including holiday homes
  • 0.55mm Wear Layer, with TORLYS MAXX Finish w/ Microban® Antibacterial
  • FoamPlus ™ Blue w/Microban ® antimicrobial product protection
  • No peaking, gapping, or cupping
  • SPC Core – Continuous Press Extruded Rigid Vinyl
  • Continuous Press Extruded Rigid Vinyl Core
  • Patented Uniclic® joint – float or glue installation
  • Transition Free up to 20m x 20m
  • Water Warranty
  • Stain Warranty
  • Dent Resistant
  • Matching mouldings available

Dimensions: 5mm (1mm IXPE) (thickness) x 303mm (width) x 607mm (long)

Box Sizes:     1.84m2 – 10 pcs / box


* Natural colours will age over time and lighten more, if installed near direct sunlight