TORLYS and LEED® Canada Points

Installing TORLYS smart floors can directly increase credits achieved* in a LEED designed building. In most cases, credits require a comprehensive approach to sustainable building materials and are not just flooring specific. However, TORLYS floors are a value-added component and can make a significant contribution in attaining LEED certification.

The number of points varies with the type of flooring and the rating system used. It will also depend on whether the building is 100% new construction, or if an existing building is involved.

Example: For Canadian LEED New Construction, on a project that is 100% new construction, installation of a new TORLYS Cork floor can play a part in up to 6 credits depending on the application specifics.

Alternatively, applying Canadian LEED New Construction for a project that involves an existing building where TORLYS cork flooring is already in place and is intended to be reused, the product can contribute to a total of 11 credits depending on the application specifics.

*Note: Simply including TORLYS flooring will not alone ensure that LEED credits are attained. No product can guarantee LEED points as the LEED system takes the entire project into account. TORLYS products can and do contribute to green building success.

How do TORLYS Cleaning Products perform?

TORLYS standard cleaning products are readily biodegradable and use naturally sourced hard water conditioners. In keeping with TORLYS corporate commitment to continuously improve its product line we have introduced a new cleaning product that maintains the above characteristics and goes even further.

Our new cleaning product:

  • is fragrance-free and low odour (compliant with guideline CCD-146 for Hardsurface Cleaners, one of the most stringent green requirements in North America);
  • uses only food grade dyes (also compliant with guideline CCD-146)
  • provides even less residue with a new formula that uses microfibre cloth to fullest extent in removing soil
  • contains no Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE)
  • contains no Ethylenediamine Tertraacetic Acid (EDTA)
  • contains no Volatile Organic Compounds
  • is readily biodegradable; and has low aquatic toxicity properties

Integrity and Verification

To produce this document we have retained outside authorities – internationally recognized Berkeley Analytical Associates of Richmond, California and a respected Canadian LEED consultant – to ensure that information on LEED and TORLYS flooring have been independently verified.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

How does TORLYS Flooring perform on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

TORLYS takes IAQ product performance very seriously. We have reengineered our products to meet the most stringent environmental standards in the world. Internationally recognized Berkeley Analytical Associates of Richmond, California conducted independent IAQ product testing using the State of California Department of Health Services Standard Practice, referred to as California Section 01350.

The purpose of product testing under Section 01350 is to reduce and limit emissions of airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with documented chronic health effects in new and renovated buildings. Berkeley Analytical Associates also tested formaldehyde and other carbonyl compounds in air, based on standard test methods developed by ASTM Method D-5197. (Lab results are available on request.)

Have Questions – Need Help?

TORLYS would be pleased to assist you in your next green building project. Should you have any questions concerning TORLYS contribution to LEED credits, please contact us. Do you have any questions or comments about this guide? Please contact