Uniclic was the first one-piece locking profile to be introduced to the market. Over the years it became the industry’s favorite locking technology thanks to its unmatched production efficiency and technical performance.

This glueless locking technology for flooring works perfectly for both the long and short sides of the flooring panel. In addition to that, Uniclic is a locking system that is suitable for all types of materials starting from 3.2 mm.


The installation of Uniclic is fast and simple. The Uniclic profile can be classified as an angle or basic locking profile, which means it has to be installed by an angular rotation movement. Besides this angular installation method, Uniclic can also be installed in a horizontal way by snapping the planks into each other.


Uniclic is widely known for its strong locking performance due to the possibility to use pre-tension. The Uniclic profile can thus be designed in such a way that the flexible lower lip will still be under a bit of stress after locking. This tension pulls the engaged planks closer together, which ensures there are no unwanted gaps or spaces between floorboards.

An additional advantage of the flexible lower lip is that the combination of contacting surfaces and spaces in the joint allows wider machining tolerances without compromising the security of interlocked joints. This tolerance flexibility is an important asset for manufacturers who produce on high speed machinery.

In addition to the pre-tension benefits, the Uniclic profiles interlock very securely. The gaps and spaces in the design of the Uniclic profile limit the movement of two boards when walked on, which reduces the unwanted creaking sounds that commonly occur in other flooring installed with glueless locking.

Production friendly

Being a Uniclic licensee has many important advantages. Manufacturers only require a simple production set-up to produce one of the best click profiles in the industry. This ease of production is achieved by the use of standard tooling combined with the relatively wide milling tolerances that this profile supports. In addition, each producer has the possibility to personalize the Uniclic profile to their own preferences.

Both consumers and installers will benefit from floors installed with Uniclic. They will enjoy a fast and easy installation in all circumstances thanks to the 2 installation methods provided by the Uniclic system. However, this convenience does not affect the strong locking performance that ensures stability over time, even under rough conditions.