Unifit X is Unilin’s two-piece fold-down solution creating endless laying patterns for the installer.

In addition to its versatility, Unifit X is extremely simple and efficient to produce and install. The Unifit X technology is suitable for all types of core materials.

This locking technology is different than our Unizip technology for herringbone floors. As opposed to Unizip, a herringbone floor installed with Unifit X still works with A & B panels and makes use of a plastic insert. In addition, our Unizip technology is only used for herringbone patterns, while Unifit X offers different patterns besides herringbone patterns.


The Unifit X profile is designed in such a way that the short side click connection of the panel is compatible with the long side click connection of the panel. This ingenious technology makes it possible to lay multiple patterns, such as herringbone, chevron and different types of basket patterns.

Unifit‘s well known 3 installation possibilities (fold-down, angling and snapping) remain possible for Unifit X, offering installers a fast and easy installation for different flooring patterns. After installation, the Unifit X technology offers a vertical locking along the entire width of the panel.

Production flexibility

Manufacturers can easily integrate the Unifit X profile in their existing production lines, without any restriction on production speed. As with the Unifit technology, Unifit X offers a lot of flexibility in the width of the panels since there is only one insert needed for all producer dimensions. The length of the plastic insert is customized in line during production to match the desired width.

Unifit X also benefits consumers and installers that choose this flooring category. The 3 installation options offer on the one hand a fast and easy installation and on the other hand allow installation in all situations. The strong locking performance along the entire profile of the Unifit X technology ensures stability over time, even under tough conditions. All the installation options remain possible even when the planks are cut along their length.