Unifit is a state-of-the-art, fold-down technology that offers enormous flexibility in installation methods.

This two-piece fold-down makes use of a plastic insert that ensures strong locking performance, while creating installation flexibility. In addition, Unifit offers enormous production flexibility. This locking system is suitable for the short sides of the panels. Although the Unifit technology has all the necessary features to be used for all types of materials, it is today most commonly used for thicker and less flexible core materials.


Unifit is the only profile on the market that has 3 installation possibilities, making it as fast and easy as can be. You can choose a drop-down installation, which is convenient for a large area. Alternatively, you can install the first row of planks more easily by using the angling method. Finally, Unifit also offers the possibility to insert planks horizontally which is an important asset for places where it is difficult to tilt the planks.

Production flexibility

In addition to these different installation options, the Unifit profile offers a lot of production flexibility. After the locking profile is milled into the flooring material, the inserts will be integrated by a specially designed inserter machine. One of the major benefits of the Unifit technology, however, is that this additional insert can be easily integrated in the existing production process without having any impact on production speed and at minimal investment cost. This is due to the fact that the plastic inserts are delivered as one roll and are then cut to size in line, creating enormous flexibility for producers since any panel widths can be accommodated without pre-ordering specific-width inserts.