Impressive looks. Quality performance.

TORLYS vinyl floors offers a quiet, solid surface with zero peaking, gapping, or cupping thanks to its unique construction.

TORLYS Waterproof WPC Vinyl Collections

The beautiful floor you see now is exactly what you will enjoy for years to come. For the home it is elegant and contemporary, with remarkable long-life durability that will accommodate even the high-traffic needs of commercial spaces like hotels or restaurants.

TORLYS RigidWood Flex Collections

Flex is the top of the line SPC vinyl, with 8 layers of single press construction, stunning deeply textured visuals and offers stability unlike any other floor. Transition Free up to 25m x 25m!

TORLYS RigidWood Firm Collections

Firm offers premium SPC vinyl in a 5 layer continuous press construction that offers a lighter more subtle texture providing excellent performance at great value. Transition Free up to 20m x 20m!

TORLYS RigidTile Firm Collections

RigidTile™ is an SPC vinyl that has two-sided grout line built in, for an authentic tile look, but with acoustic benefits and warmth and comfort underfoot.